Pet Visiting

With this service it means you get one of our fully insured and fully CRB checked pet carers come into your home and look after your pet/s exactly how you would yourself. We at Cherished Petcare realise how important your animals are to you and want to cherish them like our own.

Prices for this service start from £8.00


House sitting

This service is our premium service.  For you the customer it provides peace of mind not only for your animals but for your home aswell.  While your away from home one of our petcarers will stay in you home and look after all the pets you have but it also means that your home isn't left empty.  This service we do either as a 12 hour service where the petcarer stays overnight or a full 24 hour service. With the 24 hour service the petcarer is not permitted to leave the house for more than 2 hours in any 24 hour period

Dog Walking

Our petcarers will come into your home and take your dog/s for anything from a 40min walk upto however long you would like your dog/s walked for. This means your dog/s get to stay at home in the surroundings they are used to but still get out for there usual walk.  This is ideal for people that work all day or maybe are just want to spend a day out with the family.

Prices start from £10.00


Dog Boarding

If you want to go away on holiday or go away for any reason that is going to be 24hrs or longer then this is the ideal service for for your dog/s as it means they dont get put in to kennels or anything like that, but instead stay in a loving family home environment. So it means that while your away you dog/s have still got adult loving company.  It also means that when it comes to feeding times or any medication they may be on, gets given to them exactly as you the owner request.

Prices start from £16.00 per day or £20.00 per 24 hours


Pet Boarding

This service is very similar to the above service but is for any small animals that live in cages ie hamsters, birds etc.  With this service it means your pet gets looked after with the highest level of care and you have total peace of mind while you are away

Prices for this service start from £7.00



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